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Thursday, May 19th, 2016
10:37 am
Как мог объяснить, чтобы он понял, этот чужой, посторонний человек, что же произошло в их семье?
Джальберт Гурасашвили
Айкуш Шайхрамов

Авам Дудик
Акрамзон Бубякин

Нефодий Кочедыков
Артюш Маняк

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8:54 am
А потом я жила одна, так и не сумев порвать с Дедом, иногда занималась любовью с мужиками, которых едва знала, испытывая стойкое отвращение к жизни, а еще больше к себе.

Актавий Гудов
Афмзе Женеленко
Ахмад Михеев
Хасан Володченков
Афанди Агрызков
Николай-владмир Бещук

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
11:29 pm
Один или два бутерброда… Она торопилась на свидание и сказала, что поужинать у нее сегодня наверняка представится возможность.
Ахнет Ахтеменко
Людвик-иван Светашев

Асад Аббас Хапачев

Ибрахим Абдельх Кленов
Сервер-ариф Грамовец
Виларий Хандогин

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10:53 pm
Фокин мог поклясться, что еще несколько минут назад ее здесь не было.
Нурад Соя
Агантелос Лакин
Низаютдин Володиков

Магомедрасул Голубяк

Мирабий Фурсов
Вавжентий Будидорф

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7:23 pm
А после взрыва четыре месяца приходил в себя на больничной койке.

Фабрис Засядько
узбек шерлари 2012
minecraft текстуры star wars
Ли Сяо Дацкевич
Александр-адам Богославец
Аван Крот
Еркежан Садимах
как подключить напрямую акустику к телевизору самсунг
Власт Грекулов

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Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
8:21 pm - First day of College!!!
Well. It's finally happened.

I'm back in school.

Today was the first day back in school, but more importantly, it was my first day ever of COLLEGE!! I was so excited to get to the classroom today, I could hardly believe it.

Well, I almost didn't even make it to class today. I got the wrong #&%@ing bus this morning, but fortunately, I got the CORRECT bus in time and made it to class with time to spare, which was good, because I needed to rest after the hill up to school nearly KILLED ME!

Anyway, when I got in the room, the instructors introduced themselves, gave us an idea of what the course is like, and after all that, they treated us to a wicked pizza lunch! I stuffed myself on like 5 slices^^;;

Afterward, I had to go up to the main college's campus and get my first few books. One of my classmates was kind enough to give me a lift up, and he even drove me back to my apartment! Really nice guy he was.

Now tomorrow is the beginning of the actual work, starting off with the Canadian Aviation Regulations, a.k.a., the CARS, essentially, Air Law! #&%@, I HATE Air Law! SO confusing and convoluted! But alas, I have to do it, so I might as well buck up and get through the damn thing.

Other than that, this course should be really fun and worth every bit of effort I plan on putting forth.

Well, I think now I'll go back to playing Soul Reaver and relax before tomorrow. Until next time!

current mood: excited

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Sunday, August 19th, 2007
7:44 pm - Anxious for school!
Man, two updates within two months! Unreal!

Yeah, really bored at the moment, so I'm posting here :P

Man, it's been a long road this year, but in 2 weeks, I'm moving away from home to live in Dartmouth for the next 2 years in order to go to school. WOW. It seems so surreal to be saying or writing that. The next 2 years of my life I'll be furthering my education in a specific field in order to create a better future for myself.

I'm taking up Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, a field which interests me greatly. I'm so excited to get back to studying it's unbelievable!

The really cool part about this is since I'm going to community college and not a university, I'm not going to be living in a residence house, but my own apartment! I'll be moving in a with a friend of mine who's also going to Dartmouth for college. We can basically do whatever the hell we want to do (as long as we keep enough money around to pay the bills, rent and such :P)

I left my job at Convergys (THANK. GOD!) at the beginning of the month to kinda relax before school and to start packing for it (which I STILL haven't started yet! >.<)

I have so much packing to do ahead of me that if I think about it sometimes, it makes my head swim. @.@

So, I basically have 2 more weeks to relax, hang with friends, prepare, and psyche myself up for the coming year ahead. It should be a great experience.

Another cool thing about this is that a majority of my friends that I went to high school with have either already gone or are going up to the Dartmouth/Halifax area for school, so I'm definitely not going to be all alone in this little endeavor, (my girlfriend's going to be in Antigonish though, which is like a 3 hour bus ride, but ah well, what can you do? I'll visit her every now and again when I have the time for it :P)

Well, I'm going back to other things now, like watching Gundam SEED Destiny and D.Gray-man after this episode of Mythbusters is done. 'Til then!

current mood: anxious

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
9:20 pm
Holy fuck. Been a long time since I made an update on this thing. Maybe if I were more emo, there be more updates, but being emo is gay, so i guess not.

Well, since my last update, which was when decent music was close to totally extinct, I've been working at Convergys, wher I've esentially been Microsoft's bitch for the past 9 months. If anything, I've grown more cynical, more sarcastic, and unbelievably more prickish as a person. Case in point: the feelings of sympathy, politeness and such, replaced completely by apathy, lethargy, aggresion, and a multitude of other things that basically mean, "You so much as look at me the wrong way and I'll fucking sodomize you with the biggest, most rigid metal spoon I can find, so fucking help me."

...yeah. I'm a fucking hateful, spiteful, sadistic asshole and really don't give a fuck anymore. You could have blasted your arm off with a blast of nitro and I wouldn't care. I'd call you a fucking quiff and tell you to suck it up bitch.

But man, Convergys really sucks the big horse cock. I basically have to deal with moronic Yankees (a.k.a. Americans for the other morons out there) who fucked up their computers 'cause they have no clue what they're doing and then bitch at us when they have to pay to get help for something they themselves completely fucked over. I couldn't tell you how many times I wanted to tell them to go fuck off, blow a goat, or something to that effect. Patience is something I also no longer have because of these fucking idiots know as "customers." Almost as bad as the fucking I-don't-know-how-to-do-my-job-even-remotely-right-so-I'll-let-you-take-the-customer-even-though-you-can't-do-anything-for-them Indians. Man, I so. Want. To fucking. STRANGLE THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Incompetant fucking douchebags with the IQ of a fucking gnat. Collectively. I am SO glad that I'm leaving that hell hole in early August. I need to regain my sanity. Then go back to school in September and rip it up for my college years.

In other things, the game Guitar Hero II. SO freaking addicted right now. I swear, it's like fucking crystal meth man. You just pick it up once and you can't put it down. It pwns that much. Thunderhorse is still raping me brutally at the moment, but man that song crushes.

Can't wait for September. I'm going back to school to earn a trade for a job I actually LIKE. I'll be training to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, which is a field that pays out like crazy for a trade. I can't wait. I also can't wait for my 20th birthday. Man, I am going to get so fucking SMASHED that weekend. I'll be lucky if I remember how to speak afterwards. So many things I'm looking forward to this year coming up. It's gonna be so much fucking fun in the city of Dartmouth/Halifax. Can't. Freaking. Wait.

Now, I think I'll head back and play Guitar Hero II for a while more now. Back whenever I get around to it like always.

~Andrew the Son of Death

current mood: pissed off

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Monday, July 31st, 2006
11:26 pm
Wow. It's been... you know what. I have no clue just how long it's been since I've updated this damn thing. Well, let's make up for lost time. I got my driver's lisence, I graduated high school, I graduated cadets with the highest rank, I went to Summer School to get Math 12. There, your caught up. Happy? To bad. Deal with it bitch.

This week that went past was, I must say, one of the most boring I've had to endure in ages. I mean, without a job, and nothing to do but web surf, you get bored easily. All I can say is that I have to get off my ass and get a job ASAP, or the year ahead is going to be one HELL of a boring one indeed.

What? What was that? You say "but aren't you going to college in the fall?" The answer in short: no. The answer expanded: HAHAHAHAHA! Hell no! Why? Money people! Where some people have parents who are somehow frigging rich, or have grades so high that people are just throwing out scholarships at them, I am in a different end of the spectrum. I need to get money for college the old fashioned way: working my red-necked ass off for it. Then, after this year of work, I CAN go to college, where I'll be rooming with my good buddy Joe from high school. Heh heh. We're going to raise all sorts of hell come college.

And now you know where I stand in the long run. Now, to fill you in on today.

Today I got up at roughly 10:45 (yes, I go by quarter-hour increments. Don't like it? Too bad, you can screw off if you don't). I got up, got some breakfast, got a shower, and killed a few minutes on the comp. Then Ma calls down to me and asks, "Wanna come with me to Ethel's to get Seamus' haircut?", refering to our biggest canine companion, Seamus. Me, being the brainless dipshit I am, I said sure.

We get to the place, and there were guite a few other dogs around, which was understandable. We got Seam' up on the table, and then Ma took out an apron and put in on herself. I was wondering, "What the hell is the damn apron for?" Then it hit me like the transfer truck hit the kid at the end of Scary Movie 3. The hair. That's when I thought, "...Well fuck."

Seamus was alright about the trim 'till we got to his backside, at which point he started being a jerk. I was able to understand, because really, no one wants anyone trimming around their ass! What if the scissors slip and something else gets cut off!

Anyway, we finished him up and took him home, at which point I got a new shirt to put on, (Seamus is a Golden Retriever getting a trim, and I was wearing a navy long sleeve shirt. You do the freaking math.) A little while later, Ma took me out to go get me a few new pairs of pants, because all my old ones are now at the point that they'll fall off without my belt tied tight. I thought it would only take a little while.

There are no words to describe just how wrong I was in thinking that.

I forgot one major factor in the formula here. Ma's a woman. Women in the mall means you're not getting out with your patience in one piece. We went into Bluenotes, and Ma made me try two pairs of jeans. I got two pairs in the size of the second i tried. She then threw me a shirt to try and we ended up getting it too. We then headed to Jeans Experts to browse, where we got another pair of jeans and another shirt shirt or two. Oh, and might I add, with everything I tried, I had to get out of the stall and show Ma. I hate doing that. Drives me goddamn crazy.

Oh wait. The best part is yet to come.

We then went to Marks Work Wearhouse to get a pair of pants that are somewhat formal, but not too much. She found a pair. ...And then another pair. And then another pair, and then another pair. With each pair she found, I had to try them on and show her. She made me try on over EIGHT FUCKING PAIRS OF PANTS! There is indeed a limit to how much patience I have, and it was exceeded in that store. EIGHT PAIRS! The last two or three tried to scratch the hell out of my ass when I tried them on! The seventh pair nearly ripped the hair outta my fucking nuts! Goddammit, that pissed me off. After I tried the last pair, I said, "They're good. They're perfect. Buy 'em and let's get out of here."

We got the pants, and just as we were going to leave what did Ma see? A pink jacket. Oh, no, excuse me, a SALMON coloured jacket. Fuck. She then paraded around in it getting people to see and say how she looked in it just to piss me off, because I though that she looked damn stupid in it. She got the jacket and we FINALLY got the hell outta the damn place. I hate shopping. It will be a cold day in hell before I EVER go shopping with a woman ever again, not even with a girlfriend or wife if I ever get one.

No I'm home, sitting here at the comp, listening to music and done of my rant. I'd say "sorry to take it out on you", but really, I could really fucking care less.

Now to just relax in my pajama pants and work out with my weights. I need to do something if I haven't got a job, eh?

current mood: apathetic

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Monday, August 29th, 2005
8:56 pm - I'm bored... Muse Bios!
Well, I must say, there is not much to do today, so, here! Bios for all of Edge’s muses!

All Muses: hoo-boy…

What? They gotta know about you! Anyway, on with the bios!

Muse #1: Fang Urufushin a.k.a. ‘Wolfie’, ‘Furry’, ‘Pain-in-ass’
Location: Muse Room
Current Status: Normal… well, as normal as an irritable talking wolf gets.
Main Task: Mine and YamiE’s pet.

Fang Urufushin was Edge’s first muse. He’s a wolf. A plain old, four-legged wolf… with a twist. He was found in the woods one day and when it was discovered he had the ability to talk, Edge quickly knocked out the unsuspecting wolf and took him home. When he woke up, he was… annoyed, to say the least. Fortunately, Edge managed to put a sit collar on Fang, and whenever Fang tried to up and leave, all Edge had to do was say the words ‘heel boy’ and the wolf would fall face first to the ground. He told them that his name was Fang, and Yami no Edge, being the smug bastard he is at times, decided to give him his last name, Urufushin, to symbolize that he was now a PET. Realizing he was completely screwed, Fang has given up trying to leave.

Fang is, well, a general pain in the ass. Despite having a sit collar, he always feels obligated to give his worthless little opinion in the hope of morally offending whoever he’s talking to. He also has this annoying habit of trying to bite people and muses alike, and he has been known to try and eat anything that looks like a fox. Needless to say, he’s tied up 90% of the time. Whether or not he’ll ever settle down, we’ll never know. Although, it must be said, when let loose, he can be quite entertaining to watch when chasing a live meal. A.K.A., his hunting skills suck^^

Muse #2: Zero a.k.a. ‘Maverick Hunter’, ‘C. Zero’
Location: Muse Drawer
Current Status: Chibified at the moment (may be permanently chibified)
Main Task: Action (when chibified, general cuteness)

Zero is an interesting character. One day, outta the blue, he just comes up to Edge’s house and says to him, “I’m tired of hunting Mavericks. Can I stay here for a while?” That was 8 months ago. We think he’s retired now. After around a century or so of fighting, no wonder. He gets along pretty well with the other muses, and has been known on occasion to whip out a camera and start recording very embarrassing moments. He lives in Edge’s Muse Drawer.

Zero is often a very laid back muse. He is often found sleeping and when something is going on, he’ll just get up, look at what the hell’s going on, and turn around and walk right back to bed. Very laid back. There are days when he feels energetic, but it’s rare. If you do happen to piss him off though, run like a little girl very far away. I’m not joking! This guy can HURT you! When chibified, Zero is one of the most adorable things on the face of the planet, which is why I’ve been considering permanently chibifying him^^ That, and you can quell him with a cookie. Like most chibi’s, he LOVES cookies. It’s the best way to calm him down when he’s angry. NEVER forget about him for extended periods of time. He HATES that! Edge found that one out the hard way >.< Zero’s currently in charge of action, because, he’s very good at it. He was in charge of romance at one time, but let’s just say, it was a disaster. He sucks at romance. That’s why we leave him with action.

Muse #3: Dark Link a.k.a. ‘Villain of Time’, ‘Evil-boy’
Location: Muse Closet
Current Status: …Not quite sure, he’s still kind of recovering from the time he was left with Kokiri…
Main Task: Adventure, and general torture entertainment

Dark Link is just that: the dark side of everyone’s favorite Hero of Time, Link. And he couldn’t be more opposite from Link. Dark Link was captured one day when Edge, being as stupid as he is at times, thought he was Link. Well, it was quite the surprise when Edge opened up the bag and found Dark Link in it. Edge, who decided not to be picky, decided to keep Dark Link as a muse. Dark Link’s a bit of an ass, and has to be tied up most of the time. There are times, however, when Edge must leave Dark Link in the hands of his good friend Kokiri. She knows how to deal with him better than anyone for some reason, and Dark Link has often been extremely mentally and emotionally scarred after being in the hands of Kokiri. He sleeps in the Muse Closet because he tends to not get along with the other muse very well. This was done for his own protection.

A very evil little bastard. Always likes to cause trouble. Never likes to sit around. Has been known to royally piss off Kokiri’s yami, Yami no Kokiri. He almost didn’t survive that encounter. If the house is messy, or something looks outta place, it’s usually because Edge had to chase the little bugger around with his EOD (Edge of Death).

Muse #4: Cloud a.k.a. ‘Spikes’, ‘Buster-boy’, ‘Chocobo-boy’, etc.
Location: Muse Drawer
Current Status: Normal (after MONTHS of therapy after what Kokiri did to him)
Main Task: um… being pretty?

Cloud was a muse that was given to Edge as a gift. He was given to Edge by Kokiri, who just came up one day and dropped a bag in front of him and said, “Here’s Cloud. Enjoy!” Needless to say, Cloud has had an immense fear of Kokiri since then. He gets along with the other muses quite well.

Cloud is actually a very quiet muse. He rarely does anything that’s outrageous, and is actually quite helpful. It DID, however, take him nearly 3 months of CONSTANT therapy to be able to function properly after being with Kokiri. What she did, I’ll never know, and I don’t WANT to know! He hates being called ‘Buster-boy’.

Muse #5: Chibi Aeris a.k.a. ‘C. Aeris’, ‘Aerith’
Location: Under the Bed
Current Status: Permanently Chibified.
Main Task: Romance, support, and extreme cuteness^^

Chibi Aeris is by far one of Edge’s favorite muses. She’s sweet, kind, and caring, and is always there for a friend when they’re in need. The newest of the bunch, she came out of the blue and said she wanted to be with us. No complaints here! A SUPPORTIVE muse was VERY much in need! O_o;;;

Chibi Aeris is just one of the most lovable things in the world! She gets along well with almost all the muses, (well, except for Fang, but can you blame her?) She is always there to give Edge the moral support that he is so in need of. Needless to say, if she didn’t come along, Edge would have been put in the loony bin by now. She likes to just hang around and is often quite content just sitting on Edge’s lap. Being the only female muse of the bunch, Edge often lets her go with Kokiri and her yami now and again. She often worries about people a lot, and can sometimes go a bit overboard. When upset, usually all it takes is a little round of playing Final Fantasy VII to bring her back into good spirits. She only gets really upset when Fang teases her about her huge crush on Cloud, and such teasing usually results in her biting his tail. Edge rarely ever stops her from biting Fang because 1.) Fang, more often than not, deserves it, and 2.) Picture the image of Fang running around on all fours with a little chibi attached to his tail. It’s both funny and cute! ^^ Although her crush on Cloud IS quite obvious…

And there you go! The Muse Bios! Enjoy!

Fang: Furry?!

Cloud: Chocobo-boy?!

Uh-oh. I'm in trouble. Well, see ya later! (I hope)

current mood: anxious

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Saturday, August 13th, 2005
4:53 pm
Eep. Not much to do around here. I'm stuck at home for the weekend, taking care of the dogs. And even if I could leave the house, there's nothing to do around here. My friends are busy, Kelsey's over in Germany until around the 22nd, so I'm here all alone. *sigh* Well, at least I have all my J-Pop^^ Other than that, not much to do. Oh! I got myself a copy of Final Fantasy X for the PS2, and I got it for around $22.99! Not bad, eh? Yeah, so I've been taking a break from playing Kingdom Hearts for a while. I have yet to find a copy of Rockman X8 around here (I refuse to call it Megaman). I want to play that game so much! Must. Play. Rockman. X. 8. Soon. Or. Will. Go. Crazy. ...sorry. Yeah, in case you guys haven't noticed, I tend to obsess over various things, and Rockman is one of them. Yeah, weird, but whatever, I like it!

YamiE: You sure wouldn't be able to tell looking at the poor Rockman muse over there. Zero's still a chibi.

heh heh. And he'll stay that way for the time being until I get want to see him non-chibi again, then I'll change him back.

C. Zero: Keep one eye open tonight or else I'm gonna slit your throat with my Z Saber.

You mean Z Dagger, don't you? Heh heh heh.

C. Zero: That's it! You die NOW!

*waves a cookie over C. Zero's head*

C. Zero: ...COOKIE! *snatches cookie and begins to munch away*

...and that is how you deal with a chibi on the killing spree. Anyway, I think I'll cut it off there today. not much else to talk about. I may think about putting my muses bios in here someday. Probably before the summer's out, no doubt. Anyway, See ya!


current mood: bored

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Friday, August 5th, 2005
11:20 pm - My First Post!
Banzai! My first LiveJournal post! Very exciting! And... I have nothing to talk about?! What the hell?! I can't think of a single interesting thing to talk about! This is horrible! Here I am, taking up valuable space and time, with people reading this, and what have I got to say? Nothing! Butkus! Nada! Zero! I'm wasting your time! Why in God's name am I wasting your time?

YamiE: Because you are an idiot, my friend. You always have been and you always will be.

...did I ASK for your bloody opinion?! DID I?! NO! so SHUT UP!

O.O!! Uhh... I guess i should introduce you to my ever so annoying counter-part, YamiE.

YamiE: Hello^^

...yeah. Like THAT'S authentic! Anyway, I guess I should introduce you to the rest of my muses. First up, the talking wolf, Fang.

Fang: Heya^^

Then, there's Zero, the Rockman muse.

C. Zero: Hey

(btw, Zero has been chibified for the moment for reasons I will not disclose here. When and if I'll change him back has yet to be decided) Next up, better known as The Hero of Time gone bad, Dark Link.

Dark Link: Hey!

Then there's the Final Fantasy blondie, Cloud

Cloud: ...blondie?

And, my favourite little chibi, Aeris!

C. Aeris: Hello!

And there are the muses! (I'll give you their backstory at a later date)Well, there you have it. My first post. Not much, but what do you expect! I'm a newb!

YamiE: That much was obvious.

Shut up! Anyway, until next time. I'm gonna go watch some anime now and then head to sleep. Later!


current mood: amused

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