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My First Post!

Banzai! My first LiveJournal post! Very exciting! And... I have nothing to talk about?! What the hell?! I can't think of a single interesting thing to talk about! This is horrible! Here I am, taking up valuable space and time, with people reading this, and what have I got to say? Nothing! Butkus! Nada! Zero! I'm wasting your time! Why in God's name am I wasting your time?

YamiE: Because you are an idiot, my friend. You always have been and you always will be.

...did I ASK for your bloody opinion?! DID I?! NO! so SHUT UP!

O.O!! Uhh... I guess i should introduce you to my ever so annoying counter-part, YamiE.

YamiE: Hello^^

...yeah. Like THAT'S authentic! Anyway, I guess I should introduce you to the rest of my muses. First up, the talking wolf, Fang.

Fang: Heya^^

Then, there's Zero, the Rockman muse.

C. Zero: Hey

(btw, Zero has been chibified for the moment for reasons I will not disclose here. When and if I'll change him back has yet to be decided) Next up, better known as The Hero of Time gone bad, Dark Link.

Dark Link: Hey!

Then there's the Final Fantasy blondie, Cloud

Cloud: ...blondie?

And, my favourite little chibi, Aeris!

C. Aeris: Hello!

And there are the muses! (I'll give you their backstory at a later date)Well, there you have it. My first post. Not much, but what do you expect! I'm a newb!

YamiE: That much was obvious.

Shut up! Anyway, until next time. I'm gonna go watch some anime now and then head to sleep. Later!

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